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03.901.081 | producer: Cosmogamma – Emildue

The new Cyborg Mag is a mobile magnetic field unit with 4 independent channels and the maximum induction of up to 300 Gauss. Convenient touch screen and a large selection of accessories make it  easy to adjust treatment parameters to patient needs. Wide range of selectable waves allow comprehensive magnetic field therapy.

  • small unit weight,
  • four independent channels,
  • 5,9” touch screen control panel,
  • maximal magnetic induction of 300 Gauss (15 or 7,5 cm coils), 150 Gauss (30 cm coil) and 100 Gauss (60 cm coil),
  • frequency 5 to 100 Hz,
  • 9 wave types: sinusoidal bipolar, sinusoidal monopolar, sinusoidal alternating monopolar, triangular bipolar, triangular monopolar, triangular alternating monopolar, rectangular bipolar, rectangular monopolar, MgWave,
  • treatment timer 0-240 min,
  • 53 pre-set treatment programmes and free mode.
Technical data:
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 420 x 360 x 360
  • Weight [kg]: 9
Standard equipment:
  • control unit,
  • set of power cables.
Optional equipment:
  • lumbar coil 610 mm,
  • limb coil 300 mm,
  • 15 cm flat coil,
  • 7,5 cm flat coil,
  • treatment bed with sliding system for 610 mm coil,
  • vertical lifter for 610 mm coil.

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