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04.901.012| producer: Cosmogamma – Emildue

Evo Laser 1064 is a lightweight, portable, high-energy laser unit that contains a diode that can operate in either continuous or pulsed modes (up to 10 000 Hz). LED emits at a wavelength of 1064 nm and power up to 13 W ( 8 W for EASY version). The device is equipped with a computer that allows user to set many parameters, and database for patient therapy management. American production emitter provides overheating of tissue at a depth beyond 10 cm.

  • maximum emission power 13 W,
  • maximum emission power 8 W (version EASY),
  • wave length – 1064 nm,
  • spot size 1,70cm2 (at distance of 1 cm), 30cm2 (with applicator cone),
  • operation in continuous mode, pulsed and hyper pulsed,
  • T.E.C.® – wide parameter modification and therapy with high power without overheating of tissues,
  • M.P.P.® (Multi Parameteres Protocols) therapeutic programs combining method of scoring and scanning,
  • S.P.S.® (Scanner Point Scanner) – more effective therapy by combining two phase scanning and probe point
  • optional cap on the probe increasing field for treatment to 30cm2,
  • ability to completely modify treatment parameters,
  • adjustable frequency and cycle,
  • acoustic signal start and end of treatment,
  • safety shutdown,
  • remote foot switch to activate laser beam,
  • pre-set treatment programs with the ability to enter own settings.
Technical data:
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 440 x 270 x 230
  • Weight [kg]: 4,7
Standard equipment:
  • applicator,
  • safety goggles,
  • foot remote switch,
  • power cable set.
Optional equipment:
  • applicator cone (for treatment area of 30cm2),
  • cone support arm,
  • trolley,

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