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rehabilitation in virtual reality


KINECT is a perfect example of using modern technology in the rehabilitation that allows physiotherapists to work with any group of patients. KINECT allows to work with patients in specific ranges of movements, engaging selected body segments, allows starting in many positions and using additional devices.

Due to these properties, KINECT works in post-traumatic, post-operative, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation in both children and adults. KINECT is also used in rheumatic and geriatric rehabilitation.

KINECT is part of the concept that uses software that makes patients aware of the challenges they face and the progress they have made in rehabilitation, which increases their motivation.

  • analysis range of movements,
  • dynamic and static movements,
  • train the patient`s balance,
  • measurement of the angles, velocity and acceleration,
  • extensive data analysis capabilities,
  • ready protocols and the ability to create your own exercises with integrated real-time biofeedback,
  • objectification of the rehabilitation process,
  • adaptation of the exercise difficulty level to the current needs of the patient.
  • improving the range of movements,
  • increased muscle strength and endurance,
  • improving stabilization,
  • improving coordination.

18.166.112 Set of accesories for KINECT as single station:

  • Stand for patient with 43″ TV
  • Stand for therapist: 22” touch screen monitor for therapist, PC, keyboard


18.166.111 Set of accesories for KINECT with therapist workstation

  • Stand for patient  with 43″ TV and PC and keyboard


18.166.115 Therapist workstation

  • Stand with 22” monitor, PC, keyboard, wifi router



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