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Multifunctional table for hand exercises

13.222.001 | producer: SANIMED

Manualex is an indispensable device for hand rehabilitation of neurological, orthopedic, rheumatologic and geriatric patients. It provides rapid improvement of the efficiency of hand by increasing the visible range of joint mobility and muscle strength and endurance. Exercises also positively affect improvment of proprioception in hands, accelerate the restoration of disturbed function of the neuromuscular system and provide an improvement in cooperation of individual muscle groups.



  • high functionality and modern design,
  • an innovative solution in the form of a column placed in the center of the table,
  • independent stacks of weights,
  • opportunity to practice 4 patients in a same time,
  • quick and precise adjustment of the resistance to the current capabilities of patient,
  • very wide range of adjustable resistance (250g – 2750g) at each workplace.


Twelve component:


Technical data
Model Dimensions [mm] Workplaces


1200 x 1200


Patent P371 137 – development, ownership of dr Janusz Orzech

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