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Table for hand therapy

14.501.006 | producer: Technomex

This device is designed for people with different manual problems. It is used in cases of paralysis and deformity hand occured as a result of illnesses: rheumatic, neurological, orthopedic injuries, etc. Set to perform active exercises for hand, improves hand-eye coordination and the precision of grip. MANUS set includes main unit on a trolley with 3 cushioned tops and 4 therapeutic tables . Optionally, you can freely configure the content of selected table: TM1-TM14.

Available therapeutic sets:
  • TM1 – metal plate with threaded holes of different sizes for screwing screws and Allen wrench (13.022.121),
  • TM2 – wooden pegs of different sizes to be placed in holes (13.022.122),
  • TM3 – metal plate with holes for placing metal balls (13.022.123),
  • TM4 – Velcro rollers for hand mobilization (13.022.124),
  • TM5 – washers and metal spacers of different sizes for application to the metal bars (13.022.125),
  • TM6 – board to perform movements along a designated route (13.022.126),
  • TM7 – table with metal handles to exercise fingers (13.022.127),
  • TM8 – set for the functional rehabilitation of hand (13.022.128),
  • TM9 – dowels of different sizes to be placed in the appropriate holes and links to interleave (13.022.129),
  • TM10 – screws of various sizes for screwing in the appropriate holes (13.022.130),
  • TM11 – conical springs of varying resistance for screwing and unscrewing (13.022.131),
  • TM12 – metal bars with wooden elements to move (13.022.132),
  • TM13 – set that includes upper shoe, zippers, buckles (13.022.133),
  • TM14 – set for pronation and supination resistance exercises in range from 0.5 kg to 7 kg (13.022.135).
Technical data
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 1150 x 780 x 1050

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