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3-parts corrective mirror

14.501.007 | producer: Technomex

This correction mirror consist of three parts. The central part has a posturographic grid designed to verify the correct body posture of the patient. Hinged side wings increase visibility and allow up to three patients to use mirrors. The mirror is equipped with a brake system chassis that provides full mobility to the structure. It is used in hospital wards, clinics, nursing homes as well as in private surgeries and cosmetic rehabilitation. Grid is ‘carved’ into glass, which ensures its durability and resistance to abrasion. Mirror frame is made of steel to ensure high stability of the structure. The frame is powder coated to ensure high scratch durability to paint.


Technical data
  • Surface of mirror (H x W) [mm]: 1600 x 630
  • Side part dimensions (H x W) [mm]: 1600 x 300
  • Dimensions (H x W) [mm]: 1950 x 1355
  • Posturographic net dimensions [mm]: 100 x 100

Versatile & Reliable

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