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Dynamic unweighing device

13.166.001 | producer: AC INTERNATIONAL EAST

Ostium is designed to unweight the patient (decrease load of weight) during rehabilitation exercises. It allows the patient to be unloaded in static or dynamic mode. Ostium can also be used for rehabilitation of posture and balance in patients with disorders of these functions. It prevents the patient from fall, but does not interfere with proprioceptive reflexes. The degree of unweighing can be reduced as rehabilitation progresses.

The device consists of two independent modules for adjusting the patient to a safe height and the gum module to relieve the strain. Ostium is equipped with a wheels with brakes system for easy and safe way of training and transport.

Dimensions of the device:

Length – 1700 mm

Width – 1600 mm

Height – 2700 mm

Maximum allowable weight (weight of suspended patient) 136 kg.

Versatile & Reliable

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