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balance platform

18.166.102 Producer: Ac International East

SIGMA – balance platform

SIGMA is a device for training balance and proprioception. The platform is equipped with an independent system for assessment of the swing angle using a specialized sensor that detects any change in the position of the platform. It processes these changes to the appropriate output signal and transmits data wirelessly in real time to a computer with the software.

Due to these properties, the SIGMA platform is particularly useful in the post-traumatic, post-surgical, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. SIGMA is also used in sports, rheumatological and geriatric rehabilitation.

SIGMA as a part of concept, using software so that the patient is aware of the challenges and progress in rehabilitation which increases patients motivation.

  • classic proprioceptive training,
  • training in one or two planes,
  • exercises in standing or sitting,
  • unilateral and bilateral exercises of the lower limb,
  • exercises of the upper limbs,
  • exercise with integrated real time biofeedback,
  • objectification of the rehabilitation process,
  • ability to adapt the level of difficulty of exercises to the current needs of the patient.
  • improved sense of balance,
  • improved trunk stability,
  • improved stabilization of joints by proprioceptive reeducation,
  • improved muscle coordination.

18.166.113 Set of accesories for Sigma as single station:

  • Stand for patient with 43″ TV
  • Stand for therapist: 22” touch screen monitor for therapist, PC, keyboard


18.166.114 Set of accesories for Sigma with therapist workstation

  • Stand for patient  with 43″ TV and PC and keyboard


18.166.115 Therapist workstation

  • Stand with 22” monitor, PC, keyboard, wifi router


Technical data
  • Diameter: 42 cm,
  • Weight: 6,5 kg,
  • Range of forward – backward tilting: +15°/-15°,
  • Range of left – right tilting: +15°/-15°,
  • Power supply: AAA type bateries / recharable cells LR 03 1,5 V.


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