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lower extremities therapy in closed kinematic chain

18.166.105 Producer: Ac International East

TELKO – lower extremities therapy with elastic resistance

TELKO is used in the comprehensive rehabilitation of the lower extremities in a closed kinematic chain. The device can perform the following movements:

  • flexion / extension

TELKO uses elastic resistance, which the most important advantage is to generate a slight resistance in the initial phase of the movement, increasing evenly in the later stages of the exercise. The device also uses an integrated two-plate dynamographic platform that extends the training with balance and coordination exercises. Due to these properties Telko is particularly useful in the post-traumatic, post-surgical, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. It is also used in sports rehabilitation, rheumatology and geriatrics.

TELKO is part of the concept which using software that makes patients aware of the challenges they face and the progress they have made in rehabilitation, which increases their motivation.

  • measurement of the range of motion,
  • dynamic exercises,
  • exercises with integrated real-time biofeedback,
  • objectification of the rehabilitation process,
  • ability to adapt the level of difficulty of exercises to the current needs of the patient.
  • increased range of motion through active movements,
  • increased muscle strength and endurance,
  • improved stabilization of joints by proprioceptive reeducation,
  • improved muscle coordination.

18.166.116 Set of accesories for TELKO as single station:

  • Stand for patient with 43″ TV
  • Stand for therapist: 22” touch screen monitor for therapist, PC, keyboard


18.166.117 Set of accesories for TELKO with therapist workstation

  • Stand for patient  with 43″ TV and PC and keyboard


18.166.115 Therapist workstation

  • Stand with 22” monitor, PC, keyboard, wifi router


Technical data
  • Dimentions: 1890 x 580 x 1170 mm (lenght x width x hight),
  • Weight: 120 kg.


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