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04.901.004| producer: Cosmogamma – Emildue

TR-1 HP scanner is performing automatic measurement of distance and size of the treatment area. The device performs treatments with maximum power of 1000 mW and automatically sets the radiation dose depending on the size of the field and the distance of the surface of the treatment (automatic rangefinder).

  • maximum emission power 1000mW,
  • wave lenth – 795 nm (visible radiation (beam) 630-680 nm till 5 mW),
  • IR spot size 1cm2 (at 50 cm distance),
  • automatic determination of emission energy depending on size of the treated area,
  • ability to scan up to 8 different areas of the body during a single treatment,
  • precise definition of scanning and accurate determination of the boundaries of the area,
  • possibility to convert parameters depending on duration of the treatment or necessary amount of emitted energy,
  • 31 pre-set treatment programs with the ability to save own programs,
  • base with wheels and brakes.
Technical data:
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 600 x 360 x 970
  • Weight [kg]: 29
Standard equipment:
  • unit,
  • treatment head,
  • head support arm,
  • 2 safety goggles,

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