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Welcome to the ANTHROPOS. A modern center of diagnostic and rehabilitation which has been opened at hospital Krystyna at Busko Zdrój. This is most probably the only center in the world (and for sure first at Poland) with so advanced possibilities to treat the patients. But Anthropos is also a research institute! Click to view article and movie about it 


ACX.REHAB is the concept of total rehabilitation process. The biggest advantages of ACX.REHAB:

  • multiple devices contected with one software,
  • therapist can manage efficient and effective therapy of many patients at one time,
  • patient evaluation,
  • advanced therapy planning
  • motivation for patients.
  • platforms for balance evaluation and training
  • safe and  efficient strenght devices for upper and lower rehabilitation with elastic resistance
  • interactive upper extremity rehabilitation for neurological patient
  • advanced gait reeducation with exoskeleton and robot
  • spine pain therapy

At January 2018 there was opened Anthropos - modern rehabilitation center. You find here also expanded ACX.REHAB line.

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