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1116E/T | 1117E/T

Lower and upper extremity whirpool

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Producer: Technomex

Whirlpool baths series 1116 and 1117 are designed to provide the treatment for lower and upper extremities. The purchase of such device increases the attractiveness of the facility without investing in the two devices at once. This whirlpools are equipped with a system of 4 jets with adjustable direction of water outflow. With two filling levels one can reduces water consumption.

Technical data

Volume: 235 l
Length: 1380 mm
Width: 580 mm
Height: 880 mm


Volume: 135 l
Length: 1080 mm
Width: 580 mm
Height: 780 mm

  • Jet system with adjustable water stream outflow (4 jets)
  • Adjustable height
  • Two filling levels (1116: 120 and 235 l; 1117: 75 and 135 l),
  • Touch control panel (model E).
Model description
Equipment 1116E 1116T 1117E 1117T
4 jets with adjustable water stream outflow YES YES YES  YES
Hand shower YES YES  YES  YES
Semi-automatic drainage system YES  YES  YES  YES
Passive pearl massage YES option  YES option
Touch control panel YES  YES  –
Filling system with electronic thermometer YES  YES  –
Automatic switch off after time of treatment YES  YES  –
Pump “dry-work” protection YES  YES  –
Thermostatic valve option option  option  option
Chemical disinfection system option option  option  option
Whirlpool chair YES YES  YES  YES
 Cleaning liquid (1l)  YES  YES  YES  YES

Versatil and Reliable

TECHNOMEX has 30 years of experience in production. Our goal is to deliver the best quality products, with the unique functions, simple to use for the user and with great benefits for patient.

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