Products (VR) - modern rehabilitation concept is a concept of modern rehabilitation in virtual reality combining proven classical methods of therapy with the possibilities of modern technology.

According to the concept, we achieve the highest quality results of rehabilitation because of using support of virtual reality. combines three main components:

  • research and rehabilitation capabilities of stabilometric, dynamographic and balance platforms
  • rehabilitation capabilities of medical devices working under the control of safe elastic resistance
  • software that allows to take advantage of virtual reality
Application makes the rehabilitation process more objective, and thanks to the intuitiveness of the software used in it supports physiotherapists daily work. All data including tests, every rehabilitation exercise and its results are collected automatically in individual patient cards, so that it is always possible to check and evaluate the improving of patient’s health. is a rehabilitation concept in virtual reality with the flexibility to work for everyone from small physiotherapy practices, to the largest hospitals. It’s easy to explain, making it perfect for therapists looking for convenient way to make their patients more motivated to participate in their rehabilitation process.

The software used in automatically tracks the progress of the patient, so therapists spend less time completing the documents and have more time to treat their patients. Thanks to, physiotherapists gain access to a range of proven performance indicators from many categories. The software is easy to use, fully configurable, integrates all patient records and has the ability to generate reports based on measurements and the rehabilitation process. cooperates with
  • Platforms: ALFA, GAMMA, SIGMA
  • Elastic resistance devices: TELKO, JUPITER, VECTIS, VECTIS MINI, CUBITO
Minimum requirements
  • 1x platform or 1x device with elastic resistance or 1 x kinect


  • Therapist’s station (the main station of concept), which includes:

Monitor with touch screen 22′ or larger; PC computer with Intel Core i3 3.70GHz or better, RAM DDR4 2133MHz 8GB or larger, SSD 120 GB or larger, PCI-E GeForce GTX1050 OC 2GB GDDR5 graphics card or equivalent and Microsoft Windows 10; Keyboard with integrated mouse; Wi-Fi router; stable stand on wheels

  • Accessory set (element of which includes:

TV for a patient min. 40′; PC computer with Intel Core i3 3.70GHz or better processor, RAM DDR4 2133MHz 8GB or more, SSD 120 GB or larger, PCI-E GeForce GTX1050 OC 2GB GDDR5 graphics card or equivalent and Microsoft Windows 10; keyboard with integrated mouse; stable stand on wheels

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