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Multisensory device for hand treatment and cognitive function therapy

Multisensory device for hand and cognitive function therapy

  • tests and exercises focused on visual-motor skills and cognitive functions (divided attention, memory, problem solving),
  • evaluation and therapy focused on motor functions and strength of the upper limbs (range of movements and strenght),
  • therapy based on patient’s test results and therapy progress,
  • set of daily activity tools: cup, roller, rotation and pulling attachment,
  • easy adjustment of screen touch-active area and markers location,
  • virtual reality and biofeedback supporting patient’s motivation and faster achievement of therapeutic progress,
  • possibility to integrate with the therapist’s central base and other devices for the rehabilitation of the upper and lower limbs.


Versatil and Reliable

TECHNOMEX has 30 years of experience in production. Our goal is to deliver the best quality products, with the unique functions, simple to use for the user and with great benefits for patient.

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