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3-D traction table


08.501.001 | producer: Technomex

Modern traction table for cervical and lumbar spine with three dimensional correction arrangement of laying surface using precise gas springs. Platinum allows to perform static, harmonic and intermittent traction. Touch screen panel greatly simplifies treatment process and patient database allows quick access to information about the progress in therapy and used treatment parameters.

  • three dimensional adjustment of the table bed,
  • safe dosage of traction forces, with preset maximum, impassable values for each of the traction types, controlled by a microprocessor,
  • performing the traction treatment in the supine or prone position,
  • symmetrical and asymmetrical traction,
  • modern and efficient solution for cervical traction (no load on temporomandibular joints),
  • table lumbar part is electrically extended during traction, which eliminates the friction force between the patient and table,
  • adjustable parameters: type of traction, force, time in which the force will be increased to the max value or decreased , escalation, treatment time, duration of active phase and the time interval,
  • possibility to configure the sequence of traction phases during a single treatment,
  • possibility to save own treatment programs,
  • 7″ color touch screen on a movable support arm,
  • set of accessories included (2 stabilization belts, footrest, remote emergency shutdown button),
  • wide variety of upholstery colors.
  • prolapsed intervertebral disc (PID),
  • intervertebral disc degeneration / disease,
  • reduced joint mobility (stiffness of soft tissue),
  • hypermobility spondylitis (including blocking of zygapophysial joints),
  • increased muscle tension,
  • nerve roots compression,
  • Sciatica and shanks pain.
Type of traction static, harmonic and the intermittent
Maximum force of cervical traction 18 kg
Maximum force of lumbar traction 90 kg
Headrest adjustment -44° do +36°
Adjustment of the lumbar spine support in the sagittal plane (movement – flexion / extension) -14° do +22°
Adjustment of the lumbar spine support in the coronal plane (movement – lateral bending) -20° do +20°
Lumbar adjustment in the transversal plane (movement – rotation) -12° do +12 °
Maximum weight of patient 150 kg
Table height adjustment (mm) 580 – 880 mm
Dimensions (L x W) 2270 x 730 mm

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