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Industrial exoskeletons

Industrial exoskeletons are designed to mechanically assist workers during repeatable and physically demanding tasks. Thanks to that it is possible to augment, amplify, or reinforce the performance of a worker’s body: lower back and the upper extremities. Exoskeletons helps  to eliminate worker injuries and help with activities of daily living. 

With use of exoskeletons it is possible to: 

Create a Safer Workplace

Team members can perform physically demanding tasks with reduced strain on their bodies, minimizing discomfort, error-causing fatigue, and the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Improve People's Lives

Reduced risk of workplace injuries enables team members to avoid missed work days. The 40% reduction in fatigue means people have the energy left to do what they love.

Reduce Workers' Fatigue

Teams who are fresher at the end of the day translate into increased productivity and fewer mistakes. 

Boost Company Culture

Showing you care about people by protecting them and improving their quality of life leads to increased employee satisfaction and retention, and can be a powerful recruiting tool.


In order to reduce the barrier to entry, there were created flexible powered exoskeletons, making the use of the device simple to adopt for all workers with a great return on investment.