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Kinesiotherapy is defined as “treatment by movement”. It includes all scope of therapeutical activities undertaken with the use of rehabilitation methods, used to treat musculoskeletal system dysfunctions and diseases. This include methods and exercises to:

  • increase range of motion, 
  • decrease tension of muscles, 
  • decrease pain,
  • improve endurance, strength and coordination 
  • prevent injuries.

To help therapist work in ergonomic and efficient way Technomex is offering  kinesiotherapy  products like massage beds, therapeutic couches, tilting tables corrective mirrors, devices for exercises of the lower, upper and core muscles. Our company is leading manufacturer of high-quality devices for over 35 years. We have introduced to the market innovative solution like:

  • Platinium – traction table for spine decompression
  • Levitas – therapy in suspension  (sling therapy)
  • GraviSpine – antigravity table for therapy of scoliosis
  • – like for active therapy in virtual reality