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Selling in 54 countries worldwide

Technomex is present all over the world. You may find our products on every continent, in at least 54 countries, hundreds of cities and thousands of hospitals.

1 000 000 individual customers

Quality in every detail. This is one of the reason why the customers choose our products. Every year we deliver to new clients who decided to put trust in us.

Over 30 years of experience on the market

Technomex was established in 1987 year. Since then we manufacture own products and distribute the world known brands. Experience, know-how and reliability.

Creators of 35 specialized products

Technomex manufacture hydrotherapy devices, rehabilitation tables, kinesiotherapy products, hand ergotherapy tables, suspension therapy set, cryotherapy. Every product is designed with greatest precision to help patient and simplify the work of therapist.

Versatil and Reliable

TECHNOMEX has 30 years of experience in production. Our goal is to deliver the best quality products, with the unique functions, simple to use for the user and with great benefits for patient.

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