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Rehabilitation stairs

14.501.053 | producer: Technomex

SCH-1 set consists of two stairs with platform between them. On both sides of stairs there are handrails. Handrails are adjustable in height and width depending on the patient’s height with simple to use screws. Optionally, the stairs can be equipped with ramp.


  • Education and re-education of gait,
  • Balance training,
  • Training of coordination of gait,
  • Endurance training,
  • Education of riding in a wheelchair.
Technical data

Total dimensions: 
Length [mm]: 2160
Width [mm]: 720
Height [mm]: 1400

Height [mm]: 600-1000
Length [mm]: 560-860

Staircase 1
Height [mm]: 150
Depth [mm]: 300
Width [mm]: 660
Number of steps 3 or 5

Staircase 2
Height [mm]: 200
Depth [mm]: 300
Width [mm]: 660
Number of steps 2 or 3

Length [mm]: 660
Width [mm]: 660
Height [mm]: 600

Versatil and Reliable

TECHNOMEX has 30 years of experience in production. Our goal is to deliver the best quality products, with the unique functions, simple to use for the user and with great benefits for patient.

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