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Stabilometric platform

ALFA – stabilometric platform

ALFA is a modern stabilometric platform that allows both the balance assessment and training with neurological and orthopedic patients. This device helps to increase the performance of the patients after head injuries, stroke and also suffering from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and muscle dysfunction. Additionally, it accelerates recovery after fractures and sprains of ankle and knee and hip dislocation. Alfa also allows treatment of patients after amputations of lower limbs. Training on the platform aims at stimulation of musculoskeletal and nervous systems elements responsible among others for controlling balance.

Due to these features, ALFA platform is particularly useful in the post-traumatic, post-surgical, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. It is also suitable for sports, rheumatological and geriatric-rehabilitation.

ALFA as a part of concept, using software so that the patient is aware of the challenges and progress in rehabilitation which increases patients motivation.


  • evaluation of static and dynamic parameters involved in maintaining balance on a stable surface,
  • analysis of the COP during testing and training,
  • templates for testing and training programs and the ability to create your own exercises with integrated real-time biofeedback,
  • objectification of the rehabilitation process,
  • adaptation of the exercise difficulty level to the current needs of the patient.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 55 cm x 55 cm x 7 cm (length x width x height);
  • Weight: 27kg;
  • Maximum static load: 150 kg;
  • Power supply: via USB (5 V).


Standard equipment

18.166.113 Set of accesories for Alfa as single station:

  • Stand for patient with 43″ TV
  • Stand for therapist: 22” touch screen monitor for therapist, PC, keyboard

18.166.114 Set of accesories for Alfa with therapist workstation

  • Stand for patient  with 43″ TV and PC and keyboard

18.166.115 Therapist workstation

  • Stand with 22” monitor, PC, keyboard, wifi router


  • improved sense of balance,
  • learning of proper posture,
  • improved joint stabilization through proprioceptive reeducation,
  • improved muscle coordination.

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