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multiposition therapy device

18.166.006 Producer: Ac International East


Mini Tensor allow to perform multitask therapy with use of elastic resistance elements, which the most important advantage is to generate a slight resistance in the initial phase of the movement increasing evenly in the subsequent phases of the exercise.

Due to these properties Mini Tensor is particularly useful in the post-traumatic, post-surgical, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. The device is also used in sports rehabilitation, rheumatology and geriatrics.

Mini Tensor is a powerful device with very small dimensions. It enables performing a lot of rehabilitation exercises, stretching and strengthening – affecting the general physical condition of the body.

  • the ability to exercise the lower and upper extremity and the trunk
  • dynamic exercises: concentric and eccentric
  • ability to adapt the level of difficulty of exercises to the current needs of the patient
  • improved muscle coordination
  • ability to perform exercise unilaterally or bilaterally
  • ability to exercise in multiple positions
Standard equipment:
  • visualization of R.O.M. and force
  • set of 6 elastic gumss
  • straps for attachment to the couch
  • adjustable footrest
  • gummy feet for safe
    operation on the floor
  • increased range of motion through active movements
  • increased muscle strength and endurance
  • improved stabilization of joints by proprioceptive reeducation
  • improved muscular coordination
Technical data:
  • dimensions 1000 x 310 x 430 mm
  • weight 13 kg

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