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Underwater massage and electrotherapy bathtub

Producer: Technomex

Bathtub T-UWM / E is used for electrotherapy and underwater massage. The procedure can be performed manually using a hose with 3 interchangeable nozzles (a continuously adjustable pressure range 0-5,5 bar) or with the optional automatic massage jet system. The parameters can be controlled with the touch screen control panel – operating time, current type, current flow direction, the polarization of each of the applicators. Electrodes placed on the walls of the bath are made of high quality stainless steel. T-UWM/E generates galvanic, diadynamic and Faraday currents.

Technical data

Volume: 350 l
Length: 2300 mm
Width: 960 mm
Height: 900 mm

  • 9 electrodes for electrotherapy treatment made from high quality stainless steel,
  • hose for underwater massage with interchangeable nozzles,
  • touch screen control panel,
  • automatic filling system,
  • hand shower.
Model description
Equipment T-UWM/E
9 steel electrodes for electrotherapy treatment YES
Automatic underwater massage – 6 side jets option
Automatic underwater massage – 3 spine jets option
Pearl bath system – 14 x 5 jets option
Chemical disinfection system option
Chromotherapy system option
System of keeping temperature/heating up the water in the tub option
Aromatherapy system option
Hand shower YES
Hose for underwater massage with 3 interchangeable nozzles YES
Side grab rails YES
Head support YES
7” touch control panel YES
Automatic filling system YES
Automatic set of required water level YES
Electronically controlled automatic drainage of water YES
Automatic switch off after time of treatment YES
Pump “dry-working” protection YES
Failure and phase sequence change protection YES
Overload protection YES
Stair for easy climbing into the tub YES

Versatil and Reliable

TECHNOMEX has 30 years of experience in production. Our goal is to deliver the best quality products, with the unique functions, simple to use for the user and with great benefits for patient.

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